Seminars from Experts

Experts are invited to speak at our monthly meetings, held September through May (except December). A wide variety of topics are discussed throughout the year and may include information about particular species or habitats, updates on habitat conservation and restoration efforts, gardening with native species, and many more! Check out the calendar for the next event.

Field Trips

Explore the natural areas in northwest Ohio through a variety of field trips. Our members are knowledgeable about the wildlife and flora of our area, and are enthusiastic about observing nature and sharing information with fellow nature-lovers. Check out the calendar for the next event.

Audubon Adventures

Tri-Moraine promotes bringing nature into the classroom or wherever youngsters are eager about learning. We provide materials upon request, free-of-charge to participants. For more information, visit the Audubon Adventures website. Contact the webmaster to get enrolled!

Environmental Education Weekend

Members and their families appreciate nature during a weekend-long event held the first weekend in May. Participants choose from a variety of activities including nature hikes, bird banding, nature crafts, fishing, aquatic exploration, and many more! More information can be found on our Environmental Education Weekend page.

2023 Environmental Education Weekend Schedule

2023 Environmental Education Weekend (April 29) Registration Form is now available! Click here.